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Nov 09, 2012


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MFA Writer Guy

This is a great list. It's so comprehensive, the only thing I can add is blueberry muffins. I'm grateful for the blueberry muffin I get on the way to school in the morning. Once I'm on the train, sipping my coffee and eating that perfect muffin...I know it's going to be a great day.

Thanks for the lovely list, and happy holidays!

Debra Stang

Thank you! Happy Holidays to you as well.


Great Idea, now I just have to find an open space on my desk. Can I post it on the wall near my workspace?

Debra Stang

Posting it on the wall near your workspace sounds fine. I once got frustrated and scotch-taped mine to one of my cats who wouldn't get off the desk. The thing fell off as soon as he moved, but he still wouldn't purr for three whole days.


Amazing list. Thanks to this list! Now i can easily make my own list to :D

God bless us.

Zahid Umer

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