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May 09, 2012


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Samar | The Writing Base

The thing about content mills is that they condition us to have low expectations. They zap us of our will to go out and find better paying work because hey - we may be earning barely enough to make ends meet but at least it's something!

Sorry about the outburst. I started out writing for them too and now that I've broken free and realized just how much damage I'd done to myself as a writer and my freelance business, I tend to go loco whenever writing for content mills is mentioned.

Good luck with the queries. You'll be getting plenty of yes-es soon! :)

Debra Stang

Hi Samar,

No reason to apologize. As you can tell, I've been going a little crazy on the subject of content mills myself. Best of luck with your career, and congratulations to both of us on having "escaped."


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