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Feb 14, 2012


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Kathy Belge

This is fantastic! Great advice for any age. Thanks for sharing.

Debra Stang

Hi Kathy,

Thanks for reading and commenting. Writing the letter really got me thinking...so many things I thought were the center of my world back then, I couldn't care less about now. I guess that's probably how it is with everyone...




I love this letter. So many gems of wisdom here.
Thanks for sharing this. Be well. :-)

Debra Stang

Hi Jennifer,

Thank you for your kind words.



thanks for taking the time to write this letter and sharing the good advice. you can help so many people, please continue doing so. i sit with the same problems you faced. just last week I was thinking about ending it all but fortunately Thank GOD I didn't.
With much love and appreciation

Debra Stang

Dear Sheila,

Thank you for taking the time to read and comment. I'm glad if the letter helped you in any way.

Sheila, if you're having thoughts of hurting yourself, please don't try to handle them alone. Those kinds of secrets can kill. Reach out to someone you trust and keep asking for help until you get it. Please let me know how you're doing...


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This is so funny. I thought we weren't going to hear from you for three days and everytime I refresh, there's a new fun post!

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I agree with you very much, it is not only a letter for yourself, but also advice to all the teenagers.

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