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Sep 14, 2011


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Jodi Hughey

Great topic!

I have often wondered if I was the only person to forget or misplace their password. I have a few places I no longer can get into because I can't seem to remember my password. I have written them down, too - they grew legs and walked away. I have tried to answer the "security" questions and have answered them correctly only to be told the answer was not correct. Um, I think I know my grandfather's middle name.

I now have created a file for every site I need a password for and I tuck them away in a safe place. It seems to be working so far.


I've been using Last Pass. It will generate super safe passwords for you and keeps the ones you already have in their "vault." All you have to remember is the vault's password, and I suppose you could access your vault from any computer (although I haven't tried that yet). So far so good.

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