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Aug 26, 2011


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Jodi Hughey

You make a very good argument for having some sort of back up system. I have also heard horror stories. Unfortunately, I still suffer from the "it won't happen to me" syndrome.

I do have a habit of emailing documents to myself or my mom. I know, how pathetic is that?

I have considered investing in a zip drive. I got as far as looking at one in Staples. I think I even touched it.

Initializing a back up system is something on my 'to do' list. I am going to have to check out SOS . . . thanks for the tip!

online writing

its very important thing to do of a writer is to back up their job. specially when it written in computer, many virus unexpected.

Shania Simpsons

So what kind of war stories did you talk about? Hmm...When it comes to important files, making backup copies is more than just an option. You made a good point right there in your final subject. It did save you from losing all your files. My friend uses SOS, but I like Dropbox better.

Ruby Badcoe

Yes, soft copies and even the hard ones; they should all be backed up! Considering that those works are your business, you must take care and protect them. Data is the most important asset a company has. All types of businesses (not just the writing ones) should know it!

Debra Stang

You caught me, Ruby. I don't always back up the hard copies of my data, but I'm very sure to back up the soft ones. I could never recreate all those files!


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