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Aug 22, 2011


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These are good tips, Debra. It took me a while to fully understand the crucial role communication plays in a freelancer/client relationship. In order to reduce the number of revisions and avoid an unhappy client, it's up to us freelancers to make sure that we understand what the client wants, what he/she needs and the target market. We also have to make sure we have all of the instructions/information required to complete the job upfront.

All of this is soooo much easier said than done. As you stated in your post, some clients don't know how to communicate their needs well, and sometimes a client just doesn't know what he/she wants.

It's a good idea to learn how to qualify clients before taking them on. There are some general warning signs that let you know to avoid certain clients/projects. Sometimes you have nothing tangible to go on but a "gut feeling" (I've learned to trust those more often than not!).

You've provided some good tips for handling difficult clients. I like that you included firing a client. Although this may be a last resort, it's important that freelancers understand that they don't have to accept difficult working conditions - after all, it's one of the many reasons many of us choose the freelance life. :~)


Great tips, Debra. I'm dealing with a high-maintenance client right now, and he's driving me absolutely nuts. Sigh.

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