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Jul 29, 2011


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decent post, a debt of gratitude is in order regarding the idea..keep it like a pro

Mary Agnes Antonopoulos

OMG. Finally a person who gets it. Me too. If ONE more person tells me to hire a team, I will lose my mind. I do not WANT to delegate my work out. I love my work. But it is not easy to manage it. One of my favorite tools has been a simple time tracker. I promise learning to use it will fit into your 2 minute rule (believe it or not). You can get a 21-day trial at http://officetime.net

Just a tip from one solopreneur to another. Oh soloooo meeeeoooooo (that's not MEOW, Debra.... )

Peace, Mary Agnes Antonopoulos
Just Another Freelance Writer

Cindy Vine

Very useful tips here, I struggle to hold down a full-time job in management, be a parent, write and do my own marketing!

giochi casino

Thanks for the great info, its really a nice info about Time Management


Time management is one of the essential values that every businessman should learn to have. We usually see them busy on their work and because of this they do need to wisely manage their time to avoid conflicts with their works.

Andrei Honteveros

At home even I am not at the office I try to keep myself productive. It is with the help of managing time effectively when working on chores. Before I start I list my entire tasks on a piece of paper so that I will know what chores I need to do. I also set an estimated amount of time when working on each chore with the use of a stopwatch. This also helps me limit wasted time and improve productivity. At work I do the same thing but I automate it with the help of a time management tool ( http://www.timedoctor.com/blog/2010/07/25/how-is-time-doctor-different-than-rescue-time ). Using this tool it tracks time accurately when working on different tasks. This tool is also what I use to set an estimated amount of time. At the end of the day I feel the fulfillment at work every time I see finished task. The key that I can follow tasks and finish it on time is with discipline.


I do not WANT to delegate my work out. I love my work. But it is not easy to manage it.


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