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Jun 05, 2011


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I likes your level of determination, Clients will surely complain irrespective the rate.


Good for you for sticking to your guns! When I worked in the recruiting industry, this was drilled into me: Never apologize for placement fees.

We often had clients who wanted us to find them what we called "Purple Squirrels" which were the tough to find candidates in industries where candidates could write their own ticket for salaries at 100K and over and yet, the client wanted to pay our firm 10% of 1st year base or even less for a months long search after which the winning recruiter who placed the candidate would get about 10% of that. That's a heck of a lot of work and client abuse for $500 bucks or so. Clients who tried to tell us 10% is the going rate were told, NO THANKS and good luck with your candidate search.

Never apologize. Politely decline and walk away. As you've found, that lost client will still be no ones client many months later.


Good one! The way I deal with it is by telling the person that I'm "currently not taking on any projects". Avoidance, I know, but it saves me from haggling over something neither party wants to change :D

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