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May 25, 2011


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J'apprécie vraiment ce site parce qu'ils ont tant d'articles à lire.

Katherine Swarts

If I remember my college French adequately, comment #1 translates as "I really appreciate this site because of its articles on reading." Although I'm not sure how that relates to this specific post, I do hope you'll post some recommended reading on coping with bipolar disorder and depression. (My own favorite--unless you're averse to the conservative Christian viewpoint--is Mary Southerland's Hope in the Midst of Depression.)

Not that a person has to suffer from any form of depression to benefit from the advice above. There are plenty of happy-go-lucky types who would get a lot more writing done if they forced themselves to stick to a schedule whether they felt like it or not.

Joshua McGill

Dealing with depression is not an easy thing. We need to know deeply ourselves for us to be able to win the fight because we are like fighting within ourselves. Depression can lead to suicidal which is very dangerous. As much as possible, if we can't handle it, we should seek help from our family or any health professional.

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