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Jan 06, 2012


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Hi, I found you by chance....and will be hanging around by choice. Just love your blog!




Hi Debra! did you have Gastric Sleeve or Gastric Bypass? And how long have you not been able to eat solids?

Debra Stang

Hi Chris,

I had the gastric sleeve done in February of last year. At first I was fine with solids, but then I developed a constriction (narrowing) of the esophagus that made it hard to eat. The two endoscopies took care of that.


Debra Stang

Bia, Welcome to the blog. I hope you enjoy reading it, and please don't hesitate to ask questions.



Good luck with your procedure hope all goes well .

Debra Stang

Thanks, Michael. It's all over now and everything went fine. Just hope that's the last endoscopy I'll need for a loooong time.


It's so good to read this! I too have a stricture. I just had my second eng done yesterday and am terrified it wont work. My surgeon said will have to ha e the rny if this doesnt work. I've been eating washed potatoes, starchy I know, but I'm afraid to try anything else. Know look at stuff like will I be able to handle the taste of that coming back up. :(

R u still doing good after ur two engs?

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