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Apr 02, 2011


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Thank you for this...Good points to definitely remember!


Thank you Debra. Just what I was looking for. What about extra skin? Was that a big problem for you? I am very worried about that. Will weight training take care of that?


Also....has it been difficult to keep the weight off?


I am going thru the regret stage I am 3 weeks out still unable to hold down much liquid.. I have been in and out hospital 3 times..

Debra Stang

Dear Carrie,

I'm sorry you've been having such a rough time of it. I hope things get easier for you soon. Your body really will adjust to the procedure if given time...


Wow I'm sorry you had to go through this ...I understand about the surgery on the other hand me I've never ever had surgery in my life nor family so I really didn't have any idea what expect or the steps or.what I need to do and I also don't have any medical conditions or anything so.I'm thinking that's a plus for me because I barley had my surgery on 10/19/2011 not even a week and I really dont feel any symptoms like a lot of.people do. I on the other hand feel great am anxious to see results I weight right now is 208 after surgery so I'm anxious to see results! Also I don't feel pain.I feel sore sometimes but its not as bad where I have to take my medicine so.I'm very thankful nothing horrible has happened! I'm sorry your.experience wasn't so great I hope you feel better today

Debra Stang

Hi Jenn,

I'm glad your experience was not a bad one. I hope you continue to feel well, and I wish you the best of luck with your weight loss.



My goodness it sounds as though you have been to hell and back - I am really sorry to hear your story however I do wonder if this feeling of pain and sickness happens only to a minority of people as I really dont think that this is the norm for most people after the surgery.
I will be having my sleeve surgery in one weeks time - I am going with a surgeon that has already sleeved three people that I know and while all have said that you need to be very careful with the amount that you are eating and definitely stop when you feel full or there are nasty side effects and that they did feel weak for a while after the surgery - none have ever had the pain that you describe. I would be interested to hear from all others that have experienced lots of pain after surgery as with only a week to go I may have to prepare myself for a harder time than I expect. Thanks Debra for giving your honest account of your experience with Sleeve surgery - I hope that things will all settle down for you and you will feel 100% very soon, WJ


I agree with wendi. I think your experience is a little atypical. I went back to work on day 5 after surgery, and have never looked back. I'm two weeks out now, have more energy than I used to (probably because I don't ride the sugar highs/lows any more) and had so little pain that I literally only took the pain meds for 4 days.
I'm sorry you are having a hard time though. I do hope it gets better.

Debra Stang

Hi Wendi and Kristin,

Thank you both for posting and for sharing your perspective on the gastric sleeve. I'm glad you had an easier time than I did, and I wish you success.



One thing I learned about the sleeve, was that all that guilt thinking I was eating when I wasn't really hungry (except on rare occasions), and it was my fault I was so heavy--it's all gone. I see that with the sleeve I rarely have a lot of hunger and can stick to a low carb low cal diet with no problems. You do have to have that discipline, but it's there if you really want to be thin. And I have to fight harder because my metabolism stinks. But it's still going down at least 2 lbs/week.

Debra Stang

Hi Heather,

Thanks for your comment. The sleeve helped me realize the difference between eating to meet physical needs and eating for emotional reasons. Unfortunately, I'm still struggling to stop the emotional eating.



I just want to say THANK YOU so much. I wish you much success! I'll be having my sleeve done in January. Praying for the best.

san d

love reading everyone's posts. I'm going for my final appointment tomorrow with surgery to be scheduled for Jan or Feb.

I'm actually surprised your surgeon allowed the surgery as 208lbs is not morbidly obese which are the rules here in New Zealand. You have to have a BMI of over 35 here.

I hope you resolve the emotional issues, I think those things take some time and having the surgery we can't expect miracles. It will take time and you will develop new habits along the way.

I guess for me I am trying hard not to have too many expectations. I expect to be smaller than I am today (310lbs)and if I am then success.

... never had any surgery though. The thought of going under and relying on someone else to take care of me fills me with horror. Control freak perhaps lol :)

Debra Stang

Hi san d,

I think I may have mistyped. I weighed 308 pounds, not 208. If I weighed 208, I would have been dancing for joy. I hope your experience is a good one and that you recover quickly.



I'm almost a week out & never before did I realize just how many commercials are about or have food in them. I'm trying to ignore them but considering I'm not able to really do anything other than stay hm & watch tv or go for a walk (& I don't live in the greatest neighborhood so there is no walking after dark) so this really sucks! They're triggering that little voice we all have that says "mmmmm. That looks so good!" & making me want it... (The Applebees commercials w/ those sizzling plates of food are the worst!) I just keep telling myself no & it'll be worth it in the end... Just needed to vent...


Hello Debra,

I am 3 weeks pre op and am excited.. I have tons of questions.. I believe if I keep reading, your followers will post my answers. I appreciate having this platform to use. My surgery date is Jan 23, 2012.. Pray for me & the sucess of my journey!

Debra Stang

Best of luck to you, Alisa. You will certainly be in my thoughts, and I hope the surgery works out wonderfully for you!



I have a question. My Husband is 5 weeks out from having the gastric sleeve. He did great the first 2 1/2 wks. Then he got a cold which turned worst (sinus, ear and bronctis). He has developed major stomach cramps after eating. To the point he doesnt want to eat. He dose fine with all liquids. Its just food. Has anyone experienced this?

Debra Stang

Hi Carla,

Every surgeon offers different advice, but my surgeon kept me on liquids/soft foods for the first six weeks after my surgery, and it was almost two months before I was able to eat solids consistently. If you're concerned that your husband isn't getting enough nutrition, I would advise him to check with his bariatric surgeon ASAP.

Good luck!


Hi, big thanks to everyone for "sharing". I am having the sleeve operation on the 9th Feb 2012 and as I'm not terribly domesticated would like to know what kitchen equipment other than a good blender I should purchase? I also drive about 600 miles a week and wonder if in the Uk there's a good min blender I can buy. Another question sorry, when did you start to drive after your operation? I have only taken 11 days in total off work and am worried that this will not be enough? Advise?

Debra Stang

Hi Helen,

Good luck with your gastric sleeve! I'm not very domesticated either. I used a blender for the first few weeks after surgery, but after that I haven't found any special equipment necessary.

About healing time...it's different for everyone, but I found that it was two weeks before I could drive at all and over a month before I could drive very far comfortably. I've talked to some people, though, who were basically okay driving right away. Maybe you could prepare your workplace for the possibility that you'll need a light schedule when you first return to work.



Had my surgery 6 days ago. I am doing great, have taken nothing for pain since I left the hospital, I drove 130 miles yesterday and sat for 8 hours and watched my son wrestle. I am on a full liquid diet and not having any issues


My husband goes for his surgery on 6 th february 2012 he needs it done as he is really overweight struggled all is life and I understand that I'm trying to stick by him the best I can my question his as anyone else's partners gone hrough ht I'm going through falling scared left out no one understanding what it's oing to us as I feal partners get pushed to one side and we av to carry on I'm struggling x

Debra Stang

Hi Kath,

I think it's great that you're supporting your husband in getting the surgery he needs. And you're right--too often the needs of spouses and partners and even close friends get pushed to one side. I'd love to write a blog post about that topic. What kind of support do you need? What information would be most helpful to you right now? How can the medical team make sure that loved ones are adequately included?

Best wishes,

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